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Lopevi Volcano Tours
Trips to Lopevi volcano can be arranged for groups or individuals. The trip involves a small boat crossing to the uninhabited island. Ocean crossing is subject to suitable weather conditions, and approval from tribal chiefs.
Tribal law forbids women from visiting the volcano.

Landing on the shore of Lopevi volcano is possible only when volcanic conditions permit. Lopevi is periodically active, and often explosions and pyroclastic flows make all parts of the island dangerous to visit. Climbing to the craters is not possible on trips due to the danger. Trips to the volcano include a landing on the shore, exploration of the beautiful and fragile jungle, and a survey of flank volcanic features. Visiting lopevi is an exciting adventure and makes an excellent trip along with a visit to Yasur or Ambrym volcanoes.

SAFETY NOTE: Volcanic activity can change without warning. In the interests of safety, trip details may change at short notice due to volcanic activity, weather, or request from local authorities.

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